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Choro, Samba, and Bossa Nova

Embark on a vibrant musical odyssey through the captivating rhythms and diverse melodies of Brazil. Our music education program offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Brazilian music, a fusion of African, European, and Indigenous influences that has created a sonic landscape like no other. From the infectious samba beats that echo through the streets of Rio de Janeiro to the intricate harmonies of bossa nova that caress the shores of Ipanema, our experienced music educators will guide you through the intricacies of Brazilian genres, helping you master iconic instruments like the pandeiro, cuica, and guitar.


Discover the soul-stirring magic of samba, a genre that embodies the vivacious spirit of Brazil's cultural celebrations and vibrant carnival traditions. Our skilled educators will lead you through the rhythms and dance forms that accompany samba, allowing you to fully embody its infectious energy. Dive into the poetic melodies of bossa nova, a genre that has entranced audiences worldwide with its intimate storytelling and gentle guitar strumming. Learn to infuse your playing with the laid-back elegance that defines bossa nova, and uncover the stories of love, longing, and nostalgia that are woven into its fabric. Whether you're a dedicated musician seeking to broaden your horizons or a music enthusiast eager to explore the rhythms of Brazil, our music education program promises an unforgettable journey that will deepen your connection to the country's musical heritage and ignite your own creative exploration.

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Henrique Eisenmann



Gustavo D'Amico


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