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Music of the Pacific Coast

Embark on a captivating musical expedition into the vibrant rhythms and melodies of Colombia, a land where music pulses through the very heart of its culture. Our music education program offers an unparalleled opportunity to delve into the rich tapestry of Colombian music, a realm where diverse traditions come together to create a symphony of passion and energy. Discover the soul-stirring sounds of the cumbia, a rhythmic dance genre that fuses indigenous, African, and European influences, and learn to play instruments like the gaita and tambora that bring this genre to life under the guidance of our expert music educators.


Immerse yourself in the colorful world of vallenato, a genre that tells stories of love, life, and adventure through accordion-driven melodies and syncopated rhythms. Our skilled educators will introduce you to the enchanting melodies of the guasa and caja vallenata, instruments that add layers of authenticity to this cherished musical style. Explore the intricate patterns of the mapalé, an Afro-Colombian dance form that celebrates the country's diverse cultural heritage, and embrace the joyous spirit of porro, a genre that ignites dance floors with its lively beats. Whether you're an aspiring musician eager to explore new horizons or a music aficionado captivated by the sounds of Colombia, our music education program promises an immersive and transformative experience, leaving you with a deep appreciation for the country's musical legacy and a newfound enthusiasm to share its rhythms with the world.

Teaching Artists


Adrian Sabogal

marimba, percussion


Gregorio Uribe

accordion, voice 

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