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Eastern Europe and Israel
Klezmer and Jewish Music

Embark on a soul-stirring musical expedition into the captivating world of Klezmer and the rich Jewish music heritage of Eastern Europe and Israel. Our music education program offers a unique opportunity to explore the emotional depths and cultural nuances of this evocative genre that has transcended time and space. Delve into the vibrant melodies of the clarinet, violin, and accordion, instruments that serve as the heart and soul of Klezmer music, and learn to master their expressive techniques under the expert guidance of our music educators. Discover the history and significance of Klezmer music, which has a remarkable ability to tell tales of joy, sorrow, and resilience through its melodies. 


Our skilled educators will guide you through the intricate ornamentations and improvisational techniques that define this genre, allowing you to unlock the soulful expressions embedded within each note. Explore the spirited dance tunes that have been a centerpiece of Jewish celebrations for generations, and unravel the poignant narratives that underscore the music's connection to Jewish culture and history. Whether you're a dedicated musician eager to embrace a new musical language or a curious soul intrigued by the emotional power of Klezmer, our music education program promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of Eastern European Jewish music, leaving you with a profound appreciation for its artistry and an enduring source of inspiration for your own musical endeavors.

Teaching Artists


Dan Blacksberg



Zoë Aqua



Itay Dayan


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