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Nordic Folk Traditions

Embark on a captivating musical journey into the enchanting world of traditional Scandinavian music, where the haunting melodies of the North echo through time. Our music education program invites you to explore the rich tapestry of melodies that have shaped the cultural landscape of Scandinavia for generations. From the lilting tunes of the Hardanger fiddle that resonate with the soul of Norway to the lively polskas of Sweden that set feet tapping, our expert music educators will guide you through the nuances of these iconic genres, helping you master instruments like the nyckelharpa, accordion, and more.


Discover the evocative narratives and cultural nuances that envelop traditional Scandinavian music, as you delve into the intricate ornamentations and unique scales that define its distinctive sound. Our skilled educators will lead you through the ancient ballads of Finland, the energetic reels of Denmark, and the poignant storytelling of Icelandic sagas that come alive through the melodies. Immerse yourself in the communal spirit of traditional dance forms like the Norwegian halling and the Swedish hambo, and learn to infuse your playing with the emotional depth that resonates with the landscapes and histories of the North. Whether you're a dedicated musician looking to broaden your repertoire or a music enthusiast eager to explore the sounds of Scandinavia, our music education program promises an immersive and enlightening experience that will deepen your connection to this extraordinary musical heritage and inspire your own creative exploration.

Teaching Artists


Sunniva Brynnel

accordion, voice

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