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Culture Connect 
Youth Audiences

Culture Connect for Youth Audiences is a transformative experience that empowers young people to expand their creative practice and develop their cultural competency through exposure to non-mainstream traditions and authentic connections to artists who preserve them.   

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Classroom Teachers and Youth Development Professionals can customize cultural-exchanges that will enrich their student's lives and provide experiences that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Culture Connect uses National Arts Anchor Standards to model blueprints for each exchange that integrate with curriculum and provide access to supplementary resources that support their classroom or community goals.

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Click an icon to view aligned Academic Standards

The Create Blueprint is for audiences that would like to make their own music using traditional methods.


The Perform Blueprint is for audiences focused on improving their ability to perform in an ensemble.


The Respond Blueprint is for audiences who would like to experience culture through active listening and reflection.


The Connect Blueprint is for audiences who would like a targeted discussion of specific cultural elements.

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